The Beautifully Broken Project


Start Date: 2nd – 4th May. Time: 5.00pm

The Beautifully Broken project is a Mental Health and Suicide Awareness Photography Project that was launched in 2015. The founder, Brittany McEnteggart began the project to shine a light on the issues surrounding mental health illnesses and families or friends who have lost loved ones to suicide. She knows all too well what it’s like to be affected by mental health and having lost her father at age 17 and two friends as well she knows how important it is to spread awareness, and knows how much it can change lives.

Since launching in 2015 Brittany McEnteggart has been on radio, in newspapers, blogs and a magazine. The project is known in various countries and is now having its first exhibition to showcase what the project is all about.

People are encouraged to come down and view the works, and get to know the story about the beautifully broken project.. The exhibition starts Thursday the 2nd of May at 5pm and runs through to Saturday the 4th of May. 

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